Our Curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning experiences. This entails the creation and selection of educational material that the children can manipulate and interact with, wherever possible. The Curriculum conveys subject knowledge through ‘Processes’ that create thrilling learning experiences to children and bring out the hidden talents of analytical thinking, creativity, problem solving and learning.

A holistic curriculum emphasizes on physical, cultural, spiritual and academic excellence. The school, therefore, lays a significant stress on the part of the teacher empowerment programs, encouraging the children to express confidently, communicate effectively and develop a creative sense of appreciation of art, culture, system and practices.


Every child will be enabled to communicate fluently in English and other languages.

In the Pre Primary and Junior section, children are encouraged to develop early reading and writing skills through:

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Stories, rhymes and songs to develop listening and speaking skills.
  • Flash cards and reading story books to enhance reading skills.
  • The Phonics Method of teaching the alphabet is encouraged to enhance reading skills.
  • In the Junior, Middle and Senior years, we emphasise on the development of spoken and written English through creative writing, reading, debating, dramatics and extempore speech.
  • Parents are welcomed to join workshops so that they can guide the children.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences include a wide range of contents drawn from the disciplines of History, Geography, Civics, Political Science, Economics and Sociology.

Social Science teaching is made interesting for the learners to acquire knowledge and skills in an interactive environment through Social Science Lab sessions, dramatization, role plays, audio-visual aids, educational visits to museums, post offices, railway stations, historical monuments and other public places.

At the Junior Level, the understanding of their surrounding (environment) is taught through activities, stories, observations and illustrations rather than abstractions.

At the Middle and Senior Level, the approach is to develop an understanding of formation and functioning of governments, environmental issues, our boundaries, resources and India’s struggle for freedom.


Children are always curious to know about the world around them and how things work.

We aim to understand the facts and principles of Science and its applications through explorations of environment, experiments, observations and investigations.

At Primary Level, a child gets ample opportunities for explorations of the environment, to arouse curiosity about the world (natural environments and people) and develops basic skills to classify, identify, infer, draw, illustrate, measure and observe.

At the Middle and Senior Level, scientific concepts are taught through activities, simple models, practical knowledge through experiments, engaging in meaningful simple investigations, discussions and projects.


Mathematics specifically relates to numeracy and is taught to train a child to think, reason, analyze and articulate logically.

At Primary Level, the child will be able to understand the connections between the logical functioning of their everyday lives to that of mathematical thinking. It teaches numbers and operations on them, measurement of quantities, fractions, percentages and ratios through mathematical games, puzzles,data handling, representation, visualization and stories.

At the Middle and Secondary Level, a special emphasis on experimentation and exploration is encouraged to expand their mathematical knowledge. It is done through the Mathematical Lab sessions where they learn mathematical modeling, data analysis and interpretation.


At Primary Level, the curriculum provides an adequate opportunity to learn and explore the basics of computers and its tools.

At Intermediate Level, the students learn to create and manage software applications and digital devices.

At Senior Level, uses of different software applications are introduced to enhance students’ learning. It involves learning through various activities.

Art & Craft

At Primary Level, children are given opportunities to be creative through drawing, painting, craft work, clay modeling, paper cutting, collage, paper Mache and various other activities.

At Middle and Senior Level, the students handle materials for drawing, painting, collage, clay modelling and making of puppets. We emphasize on the learner developing his/her own imagination and expression through observations and explorations of their surroundings.


At Primary Level, we focus on actions, poems, songs and rhymes to learn to sing/ recite from memory and focus on different subjects such as colors, numbers, plants and animals, which helps a child’s understanding of his/her surroundings and will improve his/her language and communication skills.

At Middle and Senior Level, the focus is on exposing the students to the vast variety of music available in our country.