School Information

Located in cement town Nimbahera, we are an independent, co-educational, public school ranging from Pre-Primary to Senior Secondary level. Patni Public School, Nimbahera is a CBSE Affiliated School in Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan established in the year 2014.

Our mission is to develop awakened citizens through superior academics and spiritual growth. We offer an education that broadens perspectives, sharpens minds, strengthens bodies, and engages hearts. We have a long, proud tradition of scholarly, artistic, and athletic excellence and are considered as one of the regions’ top public schools. We are trying to keep holistic approach in the school. Our highly qualified, caring teachers combine subject expertise with attention to each individual. In small classes students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints find common ground in shared values. We provide myriad opportunities for students to develop their gifts outside of the classroom. Students not only become great scholars; they also become artists, athletes and citizens of the world.

Ties to the Local Community - Doing Small Things with Great Love

Our Joy of Giving service program calls for students to be active practitioners in their own education. By integrating instruction and reflection into the service experience, we enhance student growth while furthering the common good.

Parent Connections:
Our parents provide unparalleled support to the school, championing initiatives and events which benefit the entire community. Annual Days, Sports Meets, Inter-House events, educational excretions, festivals and social service foster the spirit of friendship and embrace our philosophy of overall development of our learners.

International Connections:
A global focus throughout our curriculum helps young people understand their role as citizens of an interdependent global community. Implementing the internationalism in the school curriculum is one of the initiatives of our mission.

We have drafted our international policy. We are connected with many international schools through International Dimension in School (IDS) award. We collaborated with schools in Asia, Africa and Europe for the inculcation of 21st century learning skills. The school has successful collaboration with Kojan Elementary School, Incheon, South Korea, Mother’s Dream World School, Lagos, Nigeria and Paraikora Nayantara High School, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Children get opportunities of collaboration and communication with the learners and it helps them to understand and respect the culture of other countries as well.